Vietnamese Meals - Eating Etiquette

Vietnamese eating etiquette:

Many meals consist of family style tables with a couple main dishes in the middle and smaller dishes scattered around the table. You might sit around a table or on a mat on the floor. If the latter, sit cross-legged and do not extend the legs. The feet should not point towards food, as this is unhygienic. Small bowls and chopsticks are placed in front of each place setting. When choosing from the dishes, usually only one or two bites are picked up and placed into the bowl each time before consuming the food. Mixed greens, mints, and herbs are commonly available on the table to be combined with each bite. Along with greens, variety of sauces and broths for dipping are generally on the table.

During the trip, you will experience many fascinating ways to cook chicken, pork and beef. We will be able to try popular authentic and traditional dishes, such as Pho, a common Vietnamese soup or Banh Mi, a common Vietnamese sandwich. Many food dishes do not focus on a large meat dishes, but rather perfectly spiced vegetable dishes with mint. After each meal, it is common to have fruits and green tea to cleanse the palate.