A Testimonial from a Satisfied Traveler

During your visit to beautiful, friendly Vietnam do not over-look the food and dining.

In Viet Nam Food Rules!

If you are looking for special taste sensations you will find them, or even if you just want a “taste of home” it is available.

Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, dozens of food vendors, cafes, coffee/tea houses and gourmet restaurants line the cities’ streets with many delicious temptations to please even the most discriminating palate. Everywhere you can find Vietnam famous soup, Phð, or sandwich, Banh Mi, or a delicate sweet creamy flan and don’t forget to enjoy fragrant Vietnamese coffee. This outstanding coffee is grown on Vietnamese coffee plantations and is considered the world’s finest by many coffee connoisseurs.

Then, there are the numerous gourmet restaurants where you can embark on the culinary experience of your lifetime. You can travel the world without leaving your table – all presented by courteous, gracious servers.

These foods are served to you fresh from the farms and sea – all locally grown and raised with utmost care. Expect to spend ample time indulging in this “fantasy come true” and savor one succulent dish after another after another and another… a true feast… yet, your stomach seems to find space for it all!

The family we stayed on was about 90 miles northwest of the city of Ha Noi – a rural village area composed of small farms. Each farm had a modern house, duck and geese pond, a fresh water well, small animal structures, fruit trees, vegetable and herb garden, and an area to grow rice seedlings. All the land on the farm was well utilized. Our gracious hosts butchered chickens and ducks for lunch and dinner served with garden-fresh vegetables and a lot of herbs. The women prepared, cooked, and served the delicious 10 course feast – all family style. Extended families are joined together for meals which were joyous, cheerful occasions. The variety of food dishes was endless and amazing. The delicious meals can only be explained as a food connoisseur’s best dream.

There are exotic dishes for the adventurous appetite yet simple dishes for the plainer palate. Bon Appetite!

Beautiful Vietnam has it all!